South Farm South Palms Resort Panglao, Panglao Island

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South Farm

A 9-hectare organic land property that is located in Panglao, Bohol

Welcome To South Farm

South Farm is a 9-hectare organic land property that is located in Panglao, Bohol promoting rural, handmade, handcrafted, hand built tourist destinations. The site features a nature-based family-oriented tourism attraction and caters fun activities and local events. We provide a significant recurring source of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other agricultural items for South Palms Resort and North Zen Villas for both guest consumption and staff dining.

Committed to sustainability

The farm is committed to sustainability and is hand-built using recycled materials, wood, repurposed buildings, metal, and other reusable materials. We aim to preserve and promote Bohol’s gentrified provincial life and unique geography through innovative Agri tourism and eco- farming activities.

Farm Walks

The things you can do

Stay horizontal on a lounger at the Garden Shed or grab your basket and pick your herbs and spices, go picture taking and emerge yourself with farm animals, or join a farm day tour — just choosing your adventures is an activity in itself.


Try New Things

Get the company or family together for a perfect multigenerational activity. Try your hand at crafting clay pots, weaving native baskets and essential coconut oil making the artisans tell you everything you never knew about in Boholano way.

• Organic Gardens
• Herbal and Medical Garden
• Premium and Ornamental Plants


  • Meet and greet rotunda arrival

  • Farm Experience Maker

  • Uma' Cafe

  • Uyang (Red Shed)

  • Animal Feed and Play

  • Educational & Experiential Walk

  • Merchandise and Retail